The Seven Secrets of Leadership


Secret#7: Influence through interaction

What makes a great global leader? Page Executive interviewed over forty business leaders across Asia Pacific and Australia, Europe and the Americas for their views on leadership. The result of this work is a series of short articles on the topic of leadership that we are pleased to share with you. These articles encapsulate the opinions of the global leaders we interviewed, who generously shared their views on what constitutes success in a global leader, as well as offering advice to the next generation of leaders.

Leaders seek to influence others. To achieve this, they must serve as a reference point and guide within specific teams, the wider organisation and the world at large. The primary followers should be the leader’s team. Leaders can encourage good ‘followership’ by empowering their people and collaborating with them on new ideas in what might be termed a co-leadership process.

Leadership through collaboration

For this process to be successful, leaders need to demonstrate their emotional intelligence. They must show their understanding of multicultural environments and interact effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds.

A participative style will enable leaders to harness brainpower internally and externally to devise the best solutions and gain buy-in to them. Leaders need to gain and maintain influence in a world which is at the same time more complex, transparent and interconnected.

The incremental power of networks

Leaders must now co-create and grow their networks in order to build a strong group of followers, who may well include other leaders. To maintain this network, they should engage in it, share ideas, and always look to identify new opportunities. An effective network will always be greater than the sum of its parts.

Social media platforms offer great potential for forming these leadership groups. Leaders should also seek face-to-face contacts to build stronger networks outside their immediate circle.

Our clients say…

“A global leader should be able to demonstrate the attributes of an explorer, with a gift for empowering their followers wherever they are based in the global economy.”

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