The Work Benefit In OIL&GAS

40% of the Oil and Gas workers consider the expat package to be the most important work benefit.

25% believe that the bonus is the most important, while 13% gives more importance to the shares.

Michael Page Oil & Gas – global brand focused on the recruitment of professionals for technical and engineering positions in oil and gas – surveyed 930 professionals through an online questionnaire published on the global website in the second semester of 2013.

According to the recent survey, more than 40% of the participants from around the world think that the expat package as well as an opportunity to become an expat is the most important component when they were asked about benefit packages.

“When analyzing a job offer it’s common that most workers may take into consideration the benefit packages in order to come to a decision. This can sometimes be as important as the income. In the oil and gas sector mobility is not only common but also needed often times, therefore a good expat package may change the whole situation”, says Patrick Hollard, Executive Board Director at
25% when asked, said that the bonus is what makes the difference in the package, while 13% consider the shares, and 9% consider pension, as well as housing allowance as the most important factor.
“Ask questions to ensure that your overall compensation plan is right for you and for your family. Also ask specific questions based on your needs and on the criteria that is important for you.
The benefits can make a big difference when deciding on a proposal.”, says Hollard. Less than 3% consider the hardship allowance as the most important coefficient in the benefit packages.

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