Michael Page Oil & Gas launches in México

During this year we saw an increase in the Demand for Specialized Oil & Gas Talent in México and also a growing interest in the Mexican Energy Reform.

Due to strong presence of our Oil & Gas business in the region (Houston / Colombia / Brazil) this new business, besides being a new launch, already has a strong candidate’s Database to face to most technical demands of the Market. We will start this new business with senior consultants from other Divisions in order to give our clients a high quality service. We are also seeing the possibility to bring someone from other experienced Oil and Gas markets to help boost the business.

Oil and Gas in México

The government is preparing to attract foreign and private investment into the country’s oil and gas sector for the first time in more than 75 years. Mexico is the 10th largest Oil and Gas Producer in the World and is expected to have some of the largest unexplored reserves. The Mexican Energy Reform will allow for the major operators to do strong investments and the market and for the establishment of a new service providing industry.

In a couple of years the Reform will also allow for the Operators to explore the Retail Distribution in the country. Due to these major changes we expect to have a strong demand of all types of skilled Oil and Gas professionals to face the needs in areas like: Drilling, EPC, Manufacturing, Services, Operations, etc.

Our goal will be to have a high level Oil and Gas hub for Mexico and Central America that could allows us to attract Mexican candidates working outside of Mexico as well as top skilled foreign candidates.

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